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Engine Replacement with Japanese Engines in Hampton, VA

If you have a Japanese model vehicle, contact Dr. Motorworx in the Hampton Roads Community, Virginia for details about engine replacement using low mileage, used Honda™ VTEC engines. These engines are imported from Japan and shipped to California to be tested in a factory before distribution. They are a good option to consider when replacing your engine.

Surplus of Japanese Engines

Our Japanese engines in Hampton, VA are ideal replacements because of a combination of factors. The first is that since the country is an island, the climate in Japan causes cars to rust out in a very short time. Second, Japan has a strict biannual inspection of nearly 50 systems and components, and their repair costs are extremely high. Finally, tax on Japanese vehicles increases as the car gets older. Due to these factors, vehicles in Japan suffer from quick depreciation, and it becomes cheaper to replace a used car rather than continue its maintenance. It's possible these laws were made to decrease their vehicle population problem without reducing new Toyota™ V6 engine vehicle sales in their domestic market.

Benefits to the Automotive Industry

The laws on Japanese vehicles have positive effects on the automotive industry. These include increased new car sales, lower production cost, and technological advancement of new models, leading to improved air quality and road safety. In addition, since many Japan-made cars are recycled long before their American equivalent, it is easy to see why high-quality and low mileage Japanese motors are readily available on the US market.

Engine Replacement in Hampton, VA