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Add Years to Your Car with a Replacement Engine

Dr. Motorworx provides engine swap services in and around the Hampton Roads Community, Virginia. We offer engine removal and installation, as well as a host of other services that include:

Factory Remanufactured Assembly | Intake and Exhaust Component Transfer | Engine Accessory, Pump, and Sensor Transfer | Gasket Replacement | Cooling System Flush and Filling | New Oil, Oil Filter, Anti-Freeze, and Thermostat Replacement | Sparkplug Installation | Emission Control Reinstallation | Proper Fluid Disposal | Road Test and Performance Adjustment

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Dr. Motorworx, we professionally install remanufactured engine. The owner, Tony Scarpelli, recommends remanufactured engines because they ensure greater customer satisfaction than rebuilt engines. At our shop, we guarantee that the services you receive will surpass your standards for quality, performance, and economy.  Learn more about remanufactured engines by reading these FAQs.

Maintaining Your Warranty 

To protect your investment, we will provide a written warranty that depends on the type of engine we install. Please be informed that most warranties are up to 36 months/100,000 miles. To maintain your warranty, it is important to watch all fluids carefully during the break-in period. One way to do this is to check for leakage on the ground.